About Us
About Wayne Albright's Apartments

I currently own 17 units in Regent Square, Pittsburgh, PA.  I have
been an owner/landlord since 1978.  I do this as full-time employment
and am available 24 hours a day by cell phone.  I also live in the
neighborhood where my units are.  

I believe in rebuilding apartments as if I were going to live in them
myself.   I go to the extra expense of insulating well and renovating for
the long term.  My apartments are well maintained and clean.  I pride
myself on providing excellent service in a timely fashion.

Many of my tenants are long term, sometimes moving from one of my
apartments to another, as their situations change.  Previous, and
current, tenants have frequently referred potential renters to me.  

I have one full-time employee, who has been with me 13 years.  

My phone number is 412-731-3436.  Allow 10 rings for forwarding to
cell phone.