Cargo container camp
June 12, 2014
Aggressive Chicken

The newest rooster at camp was the
most aggressive.  He chased all the
other roosters away and jumped on
them whenever he could.  The last
time we stayed at camp (Sept. 16,
2010), this aggressive rooster was
attacked during the night.  Wayne got
up, went outside with his spotlight to
see what was happening, and scared
the attacker away.  The predator came
back one more time during the night.  
We heard the rooster's call of distress,
and Wayne scared the attacker away
once more.  In the morning we found
the injured rooster, but it was clear he
wouldn't survive (couldn't get around).  
Wayne killed him and we both plucked
the feathers.  Gaye cooks a mean
chicken soup.
chicken coop
outside shower
heat exchanger
solar array rotatable mast